Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint? Not just paint something pretty, but really connect to your true, wild, creative self? Some of us have not been nurtured in that way, some of us have wandered off the path and just need a little guidance to get back on. Many don't know where to start. When you truly connect with your creative and intuitive self you can gain self confidence, access to a greater purpose, self love and the courage to evolve. This is what art and art therapy based learning offers to anyone at any age. Abandon your expectations and learn how to let go, learn how to pour that energy into creating and expressing yourself in a healthy productive way that lifts your spirit, leaves the world more beautiful and provides a generational tool to pass down. 

Art as a ritual. Finding your creative self 

-Jenny Desouza 

I have never created something so beautiful and learned such applicable techniques. Its as if she transferred some of her talent to me. Alchemist!!

- 3 dentists who have never painted in their lives. 

Not only do we have our creations but our memories are art. She guided us  brilliantly!

- A Mother and Daughter learning to create together 

I didn't want to leave her studio. I wanted to be submersed in that magic everyday.

Become part of a community.

Color, Technique, abandoning self censorship 

daily intentions and rituals

The ability to confidently trust your intuition 

Facing fears

the big wide world

intention setting, manifesting a life you love.

Sarah Brooke will Guide you